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The Predictable Profits Playbook

Why does an entrepreneur, struggling through 80 hours a week, only make half as much as another working no more than 40? What actions determine whether you end up with a small business pulling in five figures a year, or a billion-dollar behemoth blazing a path to market dominance?

As an entrepreneur, you’re told the secret to success is working hard and fighting your way to the top. But what if this advice came from all the wrong people and places? What if there was more to the success stories you read in magazines, watch on TV, or hear on the radio?

The answer is found inside The Predictable Profits Playbook.


The Strategy for Dominating Any Market

6 Proven Ways to Multiply the Profits of Your Business

  • Positioning for Profit

    Strengthen your image and build your authority to distinguish your company as the obvious choice.

  • Lead Generation

    Generate more leads from the traffic you already get, and open the floodgates with new lead sources.

  • Premium Pricing

    Increase your prices and be known as the premium service provider in your market, without any resistance from your customers.

  • Multiple Pillars of Income

    Benefit from multiple revenue generating opportunities so you can make bigger, better, and more consistent profits.

  • Marketing Automation

    Leverage the power of technology with automated marketing strategies for consistently making more money with less effort.

  • Increased Customer Value

    Generate a steady flow of referrals, repeat customer purchases, and increase the average dollar amount of every sale.

Praise for Predictable Profits

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