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As an entrepreneur, we need you to be successful.  Entrepreneurs heal economies, help families, solve problems and make this world a better place to live in … and, we’d like to do our part to help you become more successful this year and beyond!

For starters, I’d like to share the latest goal setting strategies and processes that I created specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners that want to achieve even more this year.

Please click here to download the goal worksheet (Microsoft Excel)
You’ll also notice in the video that I spoke of “S.M.A.R.T.” goals. While I continue to use (and teach) this method for setting goals (using my terms), our friends at Wikipedia have elaborated the process in the following chart:

Letter Major Term Minor Terms
S Specific Significant, Stretching, Simple
M Measurable Meaningful, Motivational, Manageable
A Attainable Appropriate, Achievable, Agreed, Assignable, Actionable, Ambitious, Aligned, Aspirational
R Relevant Realistic, Resourced, Resonant
T Timely Time-oriented, Time framed, Timed, Time-based, Timeboxed, Time-bound, Time-Specific, Timetabled, Time limited, Trackable, Tangible
E Evaluate Ethical, Excitable, Enjoyable, Engaging, Ecological
R Reevaluate Rewarded, Reassess, Revisit, Recordable, Rewarding, Reaching

More detail on the S.M.A.R.T. Method can be found here.

Get started on the right foot with goal planning and let’s make this year the best year yet!

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