We don't just talk about results...

We Deliver Them.

Predictable Profits, the brainchild of founder and CEO Charles Gaudet, has spent the last five years not just changing businesses or boosting profits, but changing people’s entire approach to the way they market – and the way they see their customers.

Through intimate, personalized coaching and consulting for small business owners, Predictable Profits usesproven strategies to help entrepreneurs dominate their markets.

We’re not talking short-term solutions or a single surge of income here – these are strategies that redefine the way people do business.

Drawing from the tactics that today’s industry giants used to grow from meager startups to international icons, Charlie is a leader in finding ways for businesses to out-think, out-market, and out-earn their competition.

To ensure these results, every strategy must first satisfy three essential criteria. Each and every approach must be:

  • Proven
  • Systematic
  • Measurable

This means no fad marketing schemes, no shooting blind and hoping for the best, no scammy, spammy nonsense…

Just pure, results-driven strategies proven to make HUGE differences in gaining and retaining customers, improving customer value, and adding massive figures to your bottom line.

…And because results mean everything to us, everything we do is backed by a 100% performance-based guarantee. If we don’t deliver, we don’t get paid. It’s as simple as that.

Our specialty is growing YOUR business, and if we don’t live up to our own standards, we don’t deserve your money. That’s how adamantly we stand behind these strategies.

Above all else, the Predictable Profits mission has always been the same:

We’ll provide you with the greatest advantage, the greatest benefit, and the greatest value to help you dominate your market and make your business the obvious choice for your customers and prospects.

…But what does this mean for you?

It means that Charlie will combine the knowledge he’s accumulated from studying thousands of businesses, the experience he’s gained from a lifetime of entrepreneurship, and the analytical approach that has led to success time and time again – and craft strategies totally unique to you and your business.

Now, it’s important you understand the role you have to play in this.

These strategies aren’t for people afraid of hard work…

It’s not for those comfortable with the status quo, and definitely not for people who just want to get by…

These strategies are specifically designed to shake things up and transform the way you do business. We’ll walk the path together – but we can’t take all the steps for you.

Predictable Profits is your path for optimizing your profits and maximizing your growth. We focus on what’s working for small businesses in todaysmarketing landscape, and leveraging proven strategies to leave your competition in the dust.

Take the first step toward the future of your business - and become a member of our Platinum Business Coaching Program

“I just wanted to THANK YOU… since I started working with you, I’ve made more money in that time span than any other time span since I’ve been in business…

Now I can see why several of your clients say that you’re the best investment they’ve ever made, it sure is in my case!I look forward to a long lasting relationship with you.

And please feel free to give my name and number out to anyone that is seriously looking to make a lot more money from your marketing efforts.

Have a great day and talk with you very soon.”

Todd Mitchell, CEO of Trading Concepts, Inc.