Why a ‘Good’ Idea Can Be ‘Bad’ for Business

Motivational speakers are famous for hyping up crowds and filling their heads with a ‘no-fail’ attitude.

Even writer, Dorothea Brande, is quoted saying:

“Act as if it were impossible to fail.”

And countless entrepreneurs and small business owners are duped into this ridiculous tomfoolery.

Give me a minute to explain before you decide that I’m totally nuts….

A number of years back, I flew to London for a week to meet with a team of very intelligent Internet entrepreneurs – guys and gals who have succeeded in making hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars selling everything from e-books to physical products.  And, I paid them a hefty consulting fee to help me get one of my businesses off the ground.

The first thing I did was tell them about my grandiose idea, the cool domain name that I owned and how much money I envisioned this idea would make us.  I figured they’d enthusiastically pounce on this opportunity in an instant….

Boy, was I wrong.

When I finished my ‘ra-ra’ presentation, they each looked at me with a blank stare on their face … then looked at each other … and said: “Oh, boy, we have a lot of work to do here.”

… and, by  a lot of work, they were talking about reprogramming my mind to look at opportunity completely differently.   In other words, my ‘winning’ idea was about as worthless as a one-legged mule unless and until I could demonstrate one critical component to the overall picture.

All good ideas must first have PROVEN, DEMONSTRATED and DESIRED
DEMAND for what you’re offering.

There’s no amount of ‘no fail attitude’ that can turn this into a success if nobody’s ready to purchase it.

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs often make is by falling completely in love with their product or service – thinking that it offers the best solution, the easiest/fastest way to do something or the best-looking alternative without knowing if their target market is actively looking for this offering.

If nobody is actively searching for your idea – then, unless you’re planning on spending millions of dollars to educate people (and, even still, there’s no guarantee) nobody will find it.

In our Insiders’ Club, we’ll take this one step further and show you how to identify what, exactly, your target market is looking for … and how to best present your product/service to this market for an ‘easy’ sale.

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