3 Ways to Repel Pain in the Ass Customers Once and For All

Pain in the Butt CustomersThroughout my years as both an entrepreneur and a business mentor, one of the common headaches business owners frequently experience comes directly from certain customers.

And from what I’ve found, customers tend to fall within two big categories of people.

Category #1 – People who want everything but aren’t willing to pay for it

Category #2 – People who expect to pay for great results

Here’s a helpful hint:

Do everything in your power to repel those people who want everything but aren’t willing to pay for it…

They end up being your most difficult, most time-sucking, biggest pains in the ass you’ll ever have in your customer base.

They are the same people who buy products with no intent of keeping them (they just want to use it and return it)…

They are the same people who will call you on the phone and expect free advice (without ever wanting to pay you for it)…

And they’re the same people who don’t see the value you bring to the table, so they’ll complain about you being too expensive.

As entrepreneurs, we’ve all encountered this type of person at one point or another, so how do we get rid of them?

  1. Don’t compete on price – instead, try to be the most expensive competitor in your industry
  2. Don’t commoditize yourself – employ The Growth Factor by creating a greater advantage or benefit to your customer
  3. Don’t assume your market knows your value – value is a perception; educate your customers on your value

As a result, you’ve earned yourself a better quality customer.

Those who are a pleasure to work with, inspire better referrals, and become one of your best sources of repeat business.

That’s why many of my Insiders can say they love their business, they love their customers, and they’re continuously inspired to provide their clients, customers, and patients with the greatest advantage possible.

What can you do to increase the value of your customers?

In your corner,