A Painter’s Unusual Gesture… And How We Can All Learn From It

house painterImagine waking up in the morning to a bunch of hairy guys scaling the sides of your house, staring in your windows, canvasses draped over bushes, while listening to the scraping, banging, and clanging of workers aimed at getting your house painted as quickly as possible.

Not exactly my idea of a peaceful morning.

While this might sound familiar to anyone who has gotten their house painted before, Paul Lavelle of Massachusetts-based Premier Painters has demonstrated a very clever marketing technique for distinguishing his company as unique, different, and as his company name says, “premier.”

In fact, not uncommon to anyone who delivers a greater-than-expected level of customer services, Paul’s uncommon gesture inspired VIP Insiders’ Club Member, Linda Mitchell, to share this story.

She writes:

“Hey Charlie-

Thought you would love this one…

My house painter arrived this morning with a box of fresh warm muffins from The Gingerbread House (a high-end bakery).

He handed it to me, as today he is going to start the sanding process. He said he hoped that it would ease the stress of the disruption and mess that will be occurring.

WOW! A pre-peace offering – what a way to warm up your arrival as a contractor when certainly any type of disruption to one’s home can be stressful (until it is done of course)!

I love that he went to a well-known comfort food place!!!

It’s such a thoughtful expression that spoke volumes in terms of service level! In the world of contractors, that level of customer service is few and far between!

Sunny regards,


And note, Paul didn’t just go down the street to a local franchised doughnut shop for muffins, he took it a step further and went to a well-known, upper-end bakery for the best tasting muffins he could get his hands on. Now, from a psychological perspective, he already positioned himself as a quality painter by associating himself with the highest quality muffins.

As you can see, it’s one thing to show up on time, deliver a great product, and have a pleasant attitude – but when you deliver a higher-than-expected level of customer service, it inspires people to share the story.

In fact, higher-than-expected levels of customer service are one of the reasons why companies like Zappos, Nordstrom, and Disney enjoy an ongoing flow of raving customer fans.

And there’s the core difference.

Most business owners work hard to earn customers – Strategic Entrepreneurs work hard to earn fans.

What are some other ways companies have delivered higher-than-expected levels of customer service to you? Please share.

In your corner,


P.S. Customer service is one of those hidden profit centers entrepreneurs can use to quickly grow their business (leads, sales, and referrals) with little to no additional money, and it’s a technique that sits on the top shelf of marketing strategies for those entrepreneurs committed to out-competing their competition and dominating their marketplace.

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