Are You Looking for a Small Business Marketing Expert?

“For Entrepreneurs Who Want to Dominate Their Market, Aren’t Willing to Settle for Mediocre Profits  And Want to Grow Their Business as Quickly and Intelligently as Possible!”

We’re here to help you grow your business with the support of a raving fan base that practically begs you to sell them more products and services.  Period.

Here’s the deal:

Your clients and customers not only expect you to be great,
they will handsomely reward you for finding ways to serve them better!

And when you hit upon those special psychological trigger points that scream “I want to give you my money!”

…you’ll not only make more money…

…you’ll have the life-long support of customers and clients to help
your company grow regardless of the economic conditions!

As a small business marketing expert, that’s how we’ve been able to help some of our clients reach such enormous successes as earning over $200,000 in 24 hours; making over $500,000 in 5 days; increasing profits by over 100% and many who’ve achieved anywhere from a 5% – 50% increase in profits.

Look, every business is different so the results are not typical, but it’s important to understand what could be possible in your business with the right marketing strategy in place.

And this is our opportunity to share new ideas, strategies and information for helping your business make more money by out-thinking, out-marketing and out-maneuvering your competition!

About Predictable Profits Founder and
Small Business Marketing Expert, Charles Gaudet

Charles GaudetKnown as “The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Champion” – Charles Gaudet created the ‘Predictable Profits Method (TM)’ as a tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners to out-earn, out-market and out-perform their competition.

And it all begins when we begin to look at our businesses a little differently than everyone else.

With the right tools and information,  Charlie believes anyone can transform their business regardless of how strong or weak the economy is right now.

This has parlayed into an obsessive (often catchy) passion for marketing and business excellence …

Top 10 Coolest Things About Charlie

  1. Started his first business at the age of 4 (and has been involved in some sort of entrepreneurial enterprise every year since!)
  2. As a child, he was diagnosed as having one of the worst cases of ADHD (along with a litany of other learning ‘disabilities’) the doctor had ever seen … yet, Charlie refused medication and alternative education and taught himself how to succeed amidst those challenges!
  3. Founded a multi-MILLION dollar real estate development company at just 24 years old – building roads, neighborhoods, managing hundreds of subcontractors and formed several joint venture partners earning him the notability of having one of the HIGHEST profit margins in the industry!
  4. Charlie’s a 3-time Wrestling State Champion (NH High School Champion, MA Freestyle Champion and MA Greco-Roman Champion) and is an avid Crossfit athlete!
  5. Founded a company in the year 2000 that was nominated as “One of the Nation’s Best Seed-Stage Companies” by accounting giant, Ernst & Young and subsequently selected as such by VentureOne!
  6. He and his wife, Heather, invested nearly $500,000 traveling the world and learning from some of the greatest inspirational and thought leaders of our time (billionaires, celebrities, tribal leaders, politicians, centi-millionaires, business magnates, authors, etc.)!  The couple are alumni of Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership Program where they worked closely with Tony Robbins while learning additional strategies for peak performance.
  7. Charlie is a member of the Young Entrepreneur’s Council – an invite only organization for top, young entrepreneurs dedicated to improving our world through entrepreneurship.
  8. In a room of over 100 world-wide business professionals, Charlie was voted and selected as the MOST Desired Business Leader to have on their team and has been the recipient for several recognitions such as a Nomination for Entrepreneur of the Year!
  9. He graduated from  the #1 ranked  university in EntrepreneurshipBabson College with a focus in marketing and entrepreneurship (he even studied marketing in Australia for 6 months!)
  10. He’s an active philanthropist, sits on the board of a non-profit and one of his favorite charitable activities is to offer anonymous “random acts of kindness” to individuals, families and communities in need of a little T.L.C!

And if there’s one thing we can add about Charlie … it’s that nobody would ever call him ordinary … which is just another reason why we all love Charlie.