Who is Charles Gaudet?

Charles Gaudet

When small business owners and marketers want to grow their companies, they turn to Charlie Gaudet – a serial entrepreneur dedicated to uncovering profit-generating strategies rooted in REAL RESULTS.

As the founder and CEO of Managed Marketing, LLC – the company behind Predictable Profits – and the author of The Predictable Profits Playbook: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Dominating Any Market and Staying On Top, Charlie combines personal experience, expert wisdom, and cold, hard facts to illuminate the previously overlooked profit centers that exist in nearly every business.

Charlie has truly had the entrepreneurial “bug” his whole life, starting his first business at just 4 years old by selling artwork to neighbors.

Additionally, he was diagnosed with what the doctors called “one of the worst cases of learning disabilities” they’d ever seen – ADHD, dyslexia, and others – but instead of letting it get him down, Charlie decided to view these “disabilities” as his greatest asset!

The diagnosis meant that he’d already been persevering up to that point (instilling confidence), that he now could identify a source of his relentless energy, and gave him a reason to learn how to adapt, overcome boundaries, and explore alternative paths to achieving goals. Charlie was diagnosed, and went right back to work building his own businesses with a renewed sense of purpose.

This path continued as he graduated from Babson College (the nation’s #1 school for entrepreneurship), founded one of the world’s first pet health insurance companies, and went on to create his first multi-million dollar company (a real estate development firm) by the age of 24!

In a moment that would become the turning point of Charlie’s life, he found himself over $1,000,000 in debt, paying double-digit interest rates, working around the clock, and literally killing himself with stress and over-exertion. The doctors took one look, and told Charlie that if he didn’t make some major changes… he’d be a goner.

Charlie knew he had to do something differently. If he couldn’t work any harder, he’d have to find ways to work smarter.

To tackle this challenge, Charlie and his wife Heather invested over $500,000 traveling the world and learning from the world’s leading entrepreneurs, spiritual advisors, billionaire business moguls, tribal leaders, and professional coaches – and the lessons he’s accumulated along this journey have become the essence of the Predictable Profits methodology.

This business-building expertise has earned Charlie a reputation as the go-to source for actionable, dependable, and systematic strategies for gaining and retaining customers, earning premium prices, and becoming the obvious choice over the competition.

The results he’s delivered for his clients have also garnered major media attention, with his business advice featured in Forbes, Inc., Fox Business, Mashable, and on national radio outlets.

Make no mistake though, it’s not all just numbers and rigid strategies with Charlie – his real passion is people: helping leaders perform at their best, helping businesses provide products and services that truly WOW their customers, and helping entrepreneurs understand the power of relationships with the people they serve.

Charlie is a loving husband, proud father of three, avid Crossfitter, Jiu-Jitsu Competitor, waterski enthusiast, and 3-time state wrestling champion. He’s competitive, compassionate, and has spent his entire life driving for success – and bringing others along with him!

Quick Facts

    • Founded a Business Nominated in 2000 by Ernst & Young as “One of the Nation’s Best Seed-Stage Companies,” and went on to win that honor from VentureOne
    • In 2010, Charlie was selected as the “#1 Hub” in Marshall Thurber’s “Success Secrets of the 21st Century”
    • Nominated in 2012 for Small Business Trend’s “Small Business Influencer”
    • Nominated for IdeaCafe’s 2011 “Entrepreneur of the Year”
    • In 2014, Charlie was selected as one of “American Genius’s ‘Top 50 Influencers’”
    • Traveled the world with world's leading peak performance coach, Tony Robbins
    • Generated over $1,170,000 in sales in only 5 days (more than the prior 6 months combined)
    • Author of The Predictable Profits Playbook - selected as #1 book in sales and marketing by Indie Excellence
    • Two of Charlie’s children started businesses before kindergarten
    • Loves to practice “random acts of kindness”
    • 3-Time Wrestling State Champion (NH High School State Champion, MA Freestyle State Champion, MA Greco-Roman State Champion)
    • Actively trains in both Crossfit and Brazilian Jujitsu
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