[lead]Here’s what a few of our friends have had to say about the experience they had with the Predictable Profits™ Methodology and our company, Managed Marketing, LLC…[/lead] [panel style=”quotebox”] “I’ve worked with some extraordinary people in this world and Charles Gaudet is no exception. He sits among an exclusive list of positive deviants who are changing the world and opening up new possibilities for innovation, growth and contribution.

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Charles Gaudet or his company will certainly find the experience rewarding.”

Marshall Thurber, World-Renowned Business Strategist, Visionary and Author

(A list of his students includes such success stories as Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame, the founder and creator of Paul Mitchell hair products, Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Spencer Johnson, author of Who Moved My Cheese, Tony Robbins, Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Charles Gaudet, creator of the Predictable Profits methodology).

[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] Paul Hertz“Hi Charlie,

Great call today. We got to such a terrific place – a lot of clarity….We LOVE working with you!….

We feel so fortunate that you have come into our lives!!”

Paul Hertz, CEO Paul Hertz Group, Author, Founder of the Edwards Deming Institute of Quality and Productivity
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] “Over my continuing years of business – including the presidency of a major, independent oil and gas corporation; association with a top fifty CBS Television affiliate; and currently spending twelve years with Trading Concepts, now as the Chief Operations Officer – I have seen much wisdom, knowledge, and skill pass my way.

Without question, the one impression, the one talent, the one person – he who encompasses all the above attributes, who makes the greatest impact, and who brings, almost beyond measure, the largest positive results to the balance sheet – is Charlie Gaudet.I have seen his work, I have witnessed his abilities, I have felt his impact, and I am a pleased recipient of his results.

No company, no atmosphere, no employee, no enthusiasm level, no profit margin will ever remain the same after a touch from Mr. Gaudet’s handiwork.

For as long as I can remember, Charlie has always signed his letters, “With gratitude;” today, I am returning his words, and “with gratitude,” I thank him for all the positive accomplishments and give him “my best” as he continues to embark on transforming the needs, wants, and issues of companies worldwide.”

Edward C. Turner, COO of Trading Concepts, Inc.
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] “Managed Marketing has been one of the wisest investments of time and money I’ve ever spent on my business.

Not only did the campaign produce 100% increase in sales, but the coaching, support, education, and hand-in-hand mentoring provided was far and above what was required or even expected.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. In fact, I wish I could keep them all for myself!”

Anisa Aven, CEO of CreataVision Enterprises and Turnkey Coaching Solutions
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] In addition to uncovering multiple income streams for my business, Charlie’s helped me discover ways to further optimize by profits.

He not only identifies important profit centers for creating predictable profits, Charlie gives you the truth about your business and shows you how to get more out of it. He’s a powerful thought leader who has transformed the way I’m building my business.

Charlie helps you figure out what you want and then fuels the entrepreneurial engine that gets you to your destination!”

Tom Trush, Author of “The ‘You’ Effect” and “The Reluctant Writer’s Guide to Creating Powerful Marketing Products”, CEO of Write Your Way Solutions.
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] Managed Marketing is one of the best marketing investments we have ever engaged in!

The marketing efforts produced a positive response from our clients. In addition to that, we also learned some very valuable marketing insight and some helpful strategies.

Managed Marketing is a tremendous company and I can’t give them a high enough recommendation. We will definitely use them again.”

Nick Snyder, CEO of Digital Management Solutions, Inc.
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] “I just wanted to THANK YOU …since I started working with you I’ve made more money in that time span than any other time span since I’ve been in business..

.Now I can see why several of your clients say that you’re the best investment they’ve ever made,it sure is in my case!

I look forward to a long lasting relationship with you. And please feel free to give my name and number out to anyone that is seriously looking to make a lot more money from your marketing efforts.

Have a great day and talk with you very soon.”

Todd Mitchell, CEO of Trading Concepts, Inc.
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] “Charles has an incredibly quick intellect and sees the entire playing field. He’s one of my most important thought partners and it’s safe to say that my business wouldn’t be where it is without his razor sharp insights and feedback. I look forward to working with him well into the future.”

Dwain Deville, CEO of WaterMark International, Professional Speaker and Author of “The Biker’s Guide to Business”
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] “I’ve sat on the board of companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars, worked with some of the smartest business people on the planet and, when it comes to marketing, Charlie could go toe-to-toe with any one of those guys!”

Toby LaVigne, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Hubcast, Inc.
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] “Thanks so much for all your tips “el guru”. You are a serious legend and hope to be able to return the favor in some way.”

Ilana Wechsler, Internet Entrepreneur
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] Charlie is definitely someone who walks first, executes and produces nothing short of massive results.

Not only does Charlie prove over and over that he knows what works, he always turns around and brings the willing with him. It’s extremely rare to meet someone who is more committed to your success than you are. I have met this person through Charlie Gaudet.The world needs to see what he has to share.”

Paul Tang, CEO of Fourtunefour Pty Ltd. and Founder of Quantum Tactics
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] “Managed marketing LLC was a pleasure to work with!!! His professionalism and work ethics are above and beyond!

Thank you Charlie for a breath of fresh air in the marketing world!

Linda Mitchell, CEO Bermuda Travel, Hawaii Wellness Travel, Grand Cayman Travel
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] “Charles is an exceptionally talented businessman.

He makes the best of any situation and isn’t afraid to try new things to create even better results.

I’ve worked with him for over three years and am looking forward to many more!

Charles comes highly recommended.”

Mike Guida, Director of Marketing, GetAds
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] “Many thanks to you and Heather for realigning Claudia and I to mount on to the ‘BULLET TRAIN TRACKS’ to success.”

Berk Bucukoglu, Founder & President of Mid-Atlantic Motorclub and Alliance Management Group, LLC.
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] “Well Done Charlie, if anyone knew how hard a worker and how passionate you are then would buy-in immediately…I do know and although we are in different sectors, I would bank my homes on your enthusiasm and your family stock!

Philip Smith, Retired Chief of Police (Alton NH) and Town Administrator (Atkinson, NH)
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] “I recently had the pleasure of working with Charlie on an outrageously successful product launch.

His steady guidance and encouraging enthusiasm lifted the performance level on the entire team; everyone started to deliver at a higher level than they were accustomed to, and it was effortless.

That’s the kind of impact he makes.

Charlie’s motto is “Together we’re better” and it’s absolutely true, however after a while you realize that the common element to the positive attitudes and great results is Charlie himself.

Doc Severson, Founder OptionsMD

Here’s a Note, Forwarded by Our Client, About Charlie’s Unique Marketing Approach
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] Jason G.Managed Marketing is truly first class….After contacting Managed Marketing, my problems were resolved in a relatively short time….I would recommend this company to anyone!”

Jason Goulemas, CEO of Crossfit Portsmouth, LLC
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] “The folks at Managed Marketing have been incredible…. I was amazed at how easy they made it and how fast the results came. Definitely, someone you can trust.”

Dr. John Cannon, CEO of Total Health Chiropractic
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] “Charlie has an amazing ability to understand complex marketing challenges, to find the key selling points and then to put it all together in a highly effective marketing campaign.He has the special gift of seeing what others cannot.He is a person Who really understands business. He is passionate about life and has the highest integrity.I highly recommend Charlie on both a personal and professional level.”

Kevin Hallenbeck, Principal, Sandler Training
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] “Working in the trading niche for the past 7 years has exposed me to some above average marketing minds, and I can say without a doubt that you’re the best…hands down!In the 7 months we’ve worked together (and the 7 figures we’ve made together) you’ve allowed me to focus on my job and even push what I thought was possible HIGHER!Being able to trust that the copy you delivered would be on point, and that affiliates will make money, was the KEY to my success over the past 7 months.Happy to be working with you, and looking forward to ALL our projects in the near and distant future…”

Brad Stafford, President, Financial Marketers & Publishing Group
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”] ” …until you sit across from this man and watch him action, you will never fully appreciate what possibilities he brings to the table.It is difficult to put into words the level of change and inspiration you will experience through a conversation with Charlie and won’t do it the injustice of trying…You see the affect that Charlie’s tactics and tools can have on your business far exceed what you can imagine now because you simply can’t imagine the level to which Charlie will take your level of thinking. This is a man who not only wakes up thinking about how he can help increase his value to you – I am convinced it is built into his DNA and is consumed by that thought throughout the day…”

R. Todd Engle, Entrepreneur
[/panel] [panel style=”quotebox”]

craig-simpsonWorking with Charlie has been outstanding! His copywriting skills are matched only by his professionalism. He approaches each project with a strong marketing perspective and brings great ideas to the table!”

Craig Simpson – Simpson Direct, Inc.
One of the Leading Direct Mail Marketing Experts in the World