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"You Need More Than a Great Marketing Strategy to Win in Today's Market"


Dear Entrepreneur, 

Let's get one thing perfectly clear: you're reading this page because I want you to. 

You reacted to the headline... 

And before that, you reacted to the "bait" I dangled in front of your eyes to attract you here. 

I'm not telling you this to sound condescending (that's not my style), but rather to drive home the point of strategic thinking and how it drives behavior.

Charles Gaudet

Charles E Gaudet II

Author of The Predictable Profits Playbook

CEO & Founder of Predictable Profits

The truth is that you're here because of a desire to turn your business into a profit-producing machine ... a business that you can be proud of ... and one that allows you to earn a lot more money (without the headache).

I can help you.

Because you're reading this, here's what I know:

  • You know your business is capable of doing much more than it is right now, and
  • You're hoping I have the answers.

How do I know this?

Because I targeted you using many different strategies.

I lured you in like a bear to honey.

These same strategies I intend to show you how to deploy in your business...

When you laser target your communication and message, this allows you to:

  • Multiply your conversion rate
  • Get the highest qualified customers
  • Increase your profitability (by lowering your customer acquisition costs and return rates)

Here's what else I know about you:

Right about now you're deciding whether to stay on this page or leave. Fair enough.

You want to know if you're wasting your time, if this is for you or – just maybe –should you continue reading to see if you're missing something else.

Am I right?

This is all on purpose...

It's no secret that 98% of visitors to this page will exit and never return. For reasons I'll explain later, these are the people I don't want to continue...

2% of you are action-takers. Go-getters and entrepreneurs determined to dominate your industry, be the envy of your competitors and capture more market share. If I'm right and that's you, you'll find a treasure trove of wealth in the information to follow...

It's all part of a bigger strategy – a strategy designed to generate consistent, on-going and predictable profits.

Not just for me – but for you.

In fact:

I Shamelessly Depend on YOUR Wild Success.

Seriously. I'd be nothing but a humbled street performer if I couldn't deliver you results.


Because I don't get paid unless you think I'm worthy.

How's that for fair?

Look, if you're just looking for a marketing strategy, you'll find over 96 million different pages on Google promising you the next best thing.

Marketing Strategy

You could spend years searching for that needle in the haystack. Or you could speed up your success by getting access to our "Insiders' Club" family of proven marketing strategies.

Strategies you can put to work ... test ... and try yourself for an entire year. Risk-free.

I don't know anyone else willing to offer you a full year of their newsletter and let you decide if it's worth the investment or not...

My competitors think I'm nuts. They tell me I'm crazy and have even gone so far as to say my guarantee is "stupid."

Maybe they're right.

But my friends don't call me "Crazy Charlie" for nothing...

That's why I decided to guarantee you'll find the strategies inside this newsletter worth over 100 TIMES what you invest as an Insiders' Club member – or I'll rush you a complete refund of your money.

Ask any one else to do the same for you and, with few exceptions, you'll see most gurus away with their tail between their legs.

You see, as a business owner, it's smart to invest in results.

You Expect Results and That's What You'll Get...

Years ago, I set forth to create a community of entrepreneurs who:

  • Place a high value on family and lifestyle
  • Are open-minded
  • Love their customers
  • Are highly determined, motivated and dedicated
  • Have a positive outlook on life
  • Are goal-oriented
  • Value trust and transparency
  • Love marketing and all that's necessary to grow a business
  • Want to be known, recognized and respected as the expert in their field

And hate:

  • People who always make excuses and place blame on others
  • "In-the-box" thinkers
  • Get-rich-quick schemes and short-sightedness
  • Under-performing
  • Companies just in it for the money, with no focus on creating greater customer value

These are entrepreneurs I want to personally help dominate their industry and become indestructible forces in their marketplace.

Look, I don't mean to brag, but let's face it ...there's a reason I've been paid over $1.5 million from just one business for my advice.

And I'd like to help you too.

Having the right information at the right time could mean the difference between growing your business this year or getting chewed up by the economy.

Coming up with new marketing strategies, techniques and ideas to make your business more competitive and earn more money is not an easy task. Even the best of us wrestle with this challenge from time to time ...

The fact remains that regardless of what business you are in, competition for sales is fierce ... and it's only getting worse!


It's everywhere. Competition exists in your local community ... on the Internet ... among copycats and other alternatives ... and (especially in this "new" economy) from customers who decide not to buy anything at all!

And not only are you competing for more sales, everywhere you look is more and more advertising. So...

You're also competing just to be noticed!!

In an attempt to make more money, many entrepreneurs turn to:

  • Lowering price so they are cheaper than their competitors or
  • Spending money on advertising that doesn't work or
  • Dealing with difficult customers who can't be pleased, no matter how much they try (and while they want to fire them, they don't want to pass up any opportunity for making money) or
  • Begging for new leads, instead of attracting them.

And the list goes on...

But every time you turn around, someone comes out with another new way to generate business.

Search engine optimization, Facebook, pay-per-click advertising, Twitter, blogging, Pinterest, mobile marketing, QR Codes, email marketing, product launches, direct mail, media buys, joint venture and affiliate marketing ... it's nearly impossible to run a business, have a life and stay at the forefront of what's working.

The good news is, you can cut out all the B.S. and get expert, unbiased advice for out-competing, out-earning and out-marketing even your most formidable competitors.

It's called The Predictable Profits Insiders' Club.

What Makes the Predictable Profits' Insiders Club a Leading Resource for Many Top Entrepreneurs?


 Each month, I invest over $40,000 of my time (yes, my current hourly rate is $2,000/hour) to research, write and create a monthly offline (paper & ink) newsletter featuring the most advanced ideas, tips and strategies for creating predictable profits in your business.

You simply can't put a value on all this material.

Each monthly issue is jam-packed with information, techniques, insights, philosophies and actionable strategies you can take and instantly implement.


Each Insiders' Club Issue Is Like a Mini-Seminar!

As an Insiders' Club member who applies these strategies, you:

  • Discover how to be the most expensive competitor in your marketplace and still have customers thrilled to purchase your products and services. (You'll never again feel forced to discount your services just to stay competitive!)

  • No longer have to worry about your competition taking business from you EVER again!
Predictable Profits Insiders Club
  • Can finally build up a financial fortress and recession-proof your business, so you can enjoy a consistent income year after year without worrying about market direction!

  • Enjoy all the benefits of having a finely tuned income-generating machine that doesn't eat up your free time and countless hours you'd rather spend elsewhere!

  • Have peace of mind to actually enjoy working on your business, instead of feeling like you're always a slave to its operations!

  • Never have to worry about convincing more people to buy because your customers come to you with their wallets already open!

  • ... AND, if you're business is already doing great, you'll uncover new ways to MASSIVELY super-charge your profits with little effort and almost no risk

Get Started for Only $1.45 per Day!

Your access to the Predictable Profits Insider's Club and all the benefits of this exclusive membership (with more on the way) is only $44.97 per month!

And, remember, your investment is protected by my 100% total satisfaction guarantee.

Insiders Club

Receive the latest Insiders' Club issue, mailed to you every month - loaded with marketing and business building advice.

$44.97 per month

You save 78%

Predictable Profits Insiders Club

Receive the latest Insiders' Club issue, e-mailed to you every month - loaded with marketing and business building advice.

$44.97 per month

You save 78%

Insiders Club

Receive digital and print copies of the the latest Insiders' Club issue every month - plus all-access membership into the exclusive online members' area.

$49.97 a month

Best Deal!


For the next 365 days, apply the techniques, strategies and ideas provided to you as a member of the Predictable Profits Insiders' Club ... and if you think this information isn't worth at least 100 times your investment, simply contact my support team with an explanation of the strategies you tried and the results you experienced ... and I'll refund every single penny of your investment in the Insiders' Club. I'll even eat the cost of shipping, and you can keep all the bonuses, everything you downloaded and all 12 issues.