21 Ways You Can Boost Sales With Relative Ease

Let’s talk in terms of your business

As in, how can you create more traffic, more leads and more sales quickly?

When I made my mark as a business coach, I accidentally became known as “the fast money guy.”

(Not the professional nickname I would have chosen for myself – I prefer to be known for the lasting impact I help to create.)

Regardless, I earned that name because I was recognized for walking into businesses and achieve such results as:

  • $250k in sales within 24 hours
  • $1.17M in sales within 10 days
  • 100%+ increase in month-to-month sales within 2 weeks

To be fair, those results are not typical…

But they’re as real as it gets.

I could go on, but it’s really not about what I’ve done. It’s about how you can achieve BETTER RESULTS for yourself.


So let’s get to it…

The secret behind this strategy is actually buried at the Mount Auburn Cemetery.

It’s true…

You’ll find it written on the gravestone of the late Buckminster Fuller:


It took me two years to understand the real significance of this phrase – but when you “get it,” it may unlock a treasure of profits for you as well…

Here’s what it means:


“Think of the Queen Elizabeth — the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there’s a tiny thing at the edge of the rudder called a trim tab. It’s a miniature rudder. Just moving the little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort at all.”

– Buckminster Fuller

The tiny little trim tab helps the massive ship change direction almost effortlessly.

You see, as business owners, we tend to focus on the BIG PICTURE.

…Those BIG strategies that are going to bring us massive sales.

They’re great.

However, most of us are working too hard… And missing out on opportunities because we haven’t built a trim tab into our business.

…The trim tab that represents all the little changes that make the biggest difference in our bottom-line profits.

You have a lot of “trim tabs” in your business.

We all do.

And chances are, if all you did was invest just one hour to adding a trim tab to your business each week…

You could DOUBLE or TRIPLE your profits within a year.

You see, as business author Jay Abraham spoke about years ago, there are only 3 ways to grow a business:

  1. Get More Customers
  2. Increase the Frequency with Which They Do Business With you
  3. Increase the Average Purchase Price Per Transaction

That’s it.

Sounds pretty simple, yes?

So, the secret behind all my “fast-money” results is actually… Well… Embarrassingly easy.

I’ll show you.

It’s broken down into 3 steps.

Step 1: Take “Momentum” Inventory

Take inventory of all the ways you’re currently:

  1. Generating Traffic
  2. Capturing Leads
  3. Making Sales

Each one of these areas is a source of momentum in your business.

Step 2: Get Scientific

We’ll use our CRM, Google Analytics, and any other such tracking software to track each effort.

scienceLike a scientist who painstakingly takes notes to know what ingredients in his formula produces positive (or negative) results… I challenge you to become “scientific” in your analysis of what’s working (and what’s not).science

Why is this important?

So you can do more of what IS working… And less of what ISN’T working…

The problem is, just as the cover of Adweek Magazine (Oct 16) said:

“I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I can never find out which half.” – John Wannamaker

Figuring this stuff out (which isn’t hard) makes a huge impact.

Step 3: Incremental Improvement

Finally, ask yourself:

“What can I do, right now, to make an incremental improvement in each one of those areas?”

Initially, we’re not setting out to double your profits overnight. We’re just looking for small, incremental “trim tabs” that are practically effortless to execute – yet frequently yield a big result.

For example, you could:

  1. Add a phone number to the top of your website (KissMetrics found this to increase signups by 17.2%)
  2. Increase the number of follow-up attempts your salespeople make (The National Sales Executive Association shows 80% of all sales happen between the 5th-12th follow up)stats
  3. Use retargeting (98% of your website visitors leave without converting – retargeting brings them back)
  4. Reduce attrition with better customer support (89% of customers stopped doing business after experiencing poor customer service – turn this around with better customer support)
  5. Offer strong back-end sales (up to 65% of your customers will buy more if given the opportunity – all you have to do is make them a compelling offer to get even better results related to their original purchase)
  6. Take your clients from online to offline (direct mail outperforms all digital channels COMBINED by nearly 600% – get even better results by focusing in on only those customers who have invested at least $1.00 with you)
  7. Increase your prices (we helped our clients raise profits by 25% without losing a single customer by simply increasing prices and justifying it with a stronger guarantee)
  8. Optimize your website lead capture (moving the opt-in form to the left increased our signups by 200%!)
  9. Get more of your emails opened (80-92% of every email you send is not being opened – improve your email deliverability and instantly see a boost in results)
  10. Get better click-through rates (we saw a 33% greater click-through rate by simply adding an image to our emails)
  11. Re-engage your inactive clients with an irresistible offer (reach out to people who haven’t purchased from you in a while with a foolproof offer and follow up at least 3 times – this is how we increased month-to-month sales for one client by over 100%). Here’s a clever example of how one dentist did it:dentist
  12. Create a winning referral program (this increased DropBox signups by 60% and helped PayPal achieve 7-10% daily growth!)
  13. Establish joint venture relationships (your JVs only get paid on the sales they directly make promoting your products to their list – it helped one of my clients make over $2.5 million in extra cash within 6 months)
  14. Create a Unique Advantage Point making the unique advantages of doing business with you (over your competitors) crystal clear
  15. Establish a loyalty program (research indicates as much as 70% of profit comes from loyal customers – create an incentive to keep your most loyal customers coming back)
  16. Create a better customer experience (for every $1.00 spent on developing customer experience, organizations are seeing $3.00 in return)
  17. Offer a point-of-sale promotion (Hudson News had their cashiers simply ask “Do you want a bottled water?” with every purchase, resulting in customers spending more money)
  18. Offer autoship/auto-renew contracts (give your customers a discount to autoship and increase the number of times your customers do business with you – similarly, if you’re B2B, make it easy for your contracts to automatically renew)
  19. Upsell for greater convenience, luxury, performance, speed, etc. (JetBlue offered a couple inches of more legroom and added hundreds of millions in extra profits.)
  20. Add a cart abandonment sequence (email or call someone, if they added something to your cart but didn’t check out, to remind them of the benefits of doing business with you – an easy way to bring people back many “lost” buyers)
  21. Collect customer feedback (if someone expressed an interest but didn’t buy, ask why – this helped SuperOffice increase sales by $60k this year)

Of course, the reality is that there are hundreds of ways to boost sales…

We’re just getting started.

If you haven’t done so yet, register for this workshop and discover more ways to increase your bottom-line profits.