Marketing Lesson from Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane SandyI just got home from a meeting, dodging branches, the ocean crashing into the street, and people already without power. There’s traffic at the gas station, the hardware store sold out of their generators, and based on the insanely long lines at the grocery store, you’d think they were giving away Jimmy Buffet tickets.

Folks, it’s insane out there!

And everyone is thinking for themselves…

However, a few (very intelligent) marketers are using this opportunity to position themselves as “heroes to the people.”

And people love doing business with “hometown heroes.”

In a blog post this morning, internet marketing wizard Ken McCarthy wrote:

“When I hear entrepreneurs complain about the lack of customer loyalty, I always have to laugh a little.

They think what they need is a customer loyalty “program” that comes with a bag of tricks to keep customers coming back.

What I almost never hear, and I’ve literally never heard it phrased this way, is loyalty to their customers.

What you phrase it this way (loyalty to your customers) – and act on it – the problem of ‘customer loyalty’ is 90% solved.”

I love it.

And when Portsmouth’s Planet Fitness issued a press announcement that their showers would be open to the public, that is, to anyone effected by the storm… they won the hearts of the local community.

But that’s not all.

My insurance agent provided me with quick tips on staying safe during the storm, as well as a handy reference guide for how to quickly and efficiently file a claim should I receive any damage.

These people are positioning themselves as leaders, trusted authorities, and heroes to the people.

What could you be doing to deliver loyalty to your customers?

Do you have a service, product, or even an asset (like Planet Fitness’s showers) that would be useful to those in need?

Without a doubt, a natural disaster offers many challenges, hardships, and sadness for many – it’s also an opportunity for a business to shine as a leader and further position themselves as a dominating force in the market.

Opportunities are everywhere… make something happen.

Stay safe.

In your corner,