Platinum Coaching

For Entrepreneurs Wanting to Dominate Their Market

“Spend One Hour With Charles Gaudet and Get a One Million Dollar Idea – Or You Won’t Pay a Dime.”

How many other business coaches could say the same thing?

Charles GaudetWorking with Charlie is no ordinary experience – it’s a face-paced, demanding and intellectually stimulating exercise for growing and transforming your business.

Not only will you get no holds-barred insight into the underdeveloped opportunities, underutilized assets and missing profit centers in your business, you’ll receive fully tested and proven action steps to make change happen.


But take warning: if you tell Charlie what it is you want to accomplish – Charlie will be ruthless in holding you accountable. He’ll force you outside of your comfort zone and stretch you to accomplish more than you ever thought were possible to get you the results you want.

This is for aggressive entrepreneurs, who love marketing and will stop at nothing to grow their businesses by 35% – 50% in the next 6 months.

If you’re comfortable with mediocre profits and dominating your market does not interest you – this coaching program is not for you.

Look, with the growing demand of Charlie’s advice – it’s safe to say he’s a busy guy. This program often has a waiting list of 6-9 months so he cannot and will not take just anyone.

You’ve got to be the type of person who is not afraid to work hard… isn’t afraid of the cold, hard truth… and has an unwavering dedication to your business and in providing the most value to your customers.

But isn’t Charlie taking a big risk with such a bold guarantee?

Not at all.

You see, Charlie’s had the same guarantee for the last three years and in that time, his advice has only gotten better. And he’s seen The Predictable Profits Methodology work for both B2B and B2C businesses in nearly every industry imaginable.

In fact, here’s a short list of some of the results he’s achieved:

    • Doubled the size of a client’s business within 1 year
    • Generated over $1,170,000 in sales in only 5 days (more than the prior 6 months combined)
    • Increased product sales over 100% (more than was sold in an entire year, accomplished with just two emails)
    • Helped many Entrepreneurs achieve anywhere from 30% – 100% increase in profits within 1 year
    • Went from over $1,000,000 in business debt in his early 20s – turned that around and created his first multi-million dollar business by age 24.
    • Invested over $500,000 studying business-building secrets from billionaires, multi-millionaires… even traveled the world with Tony Robbins as one of his elite ‘Platinum Partners’


This may surprise you – but we’re not going to try to hard sell you into this program. If you’ve followed Charlie’s advice in Fox Business, Inc, Forbes… on our blog… heard one of his keynote presentations… read his book… or even followed the Predictable Profits Insiders’ Club newsletter – you know Charlie’s approach is unique.

And Charlie is not cheap.

If you’re application is accepted, the first introductory 1-hour call with Charlie is $1,000 – but it’s there’s still no guarantee he’ll accept you into his 12-month Platinum Coaching Program which starts at $4,950 a month for a company with more than $500,000 in gross sales plus 3% of the documented increase in revenues you achieve as a result of working with him.

Sure, it sounds like a lot of money until you realize…

Charlie Guarantees His Results.

You’ll get that one million dollar idea within your very first conversation – or he’ll refund you 100%…

AND, if after the first conversation, you are accepted into the 12-month Platinum Coaching Program and, by the end of the year, you’re not absolutely ecstatic with the results you achieved, Charlie will continue working with you at no charge or, at his option, refund your money entirely!

That’s how confident he is in his ability to help you.

So this is how it works.

Step 1: Click here to fill in the brief application to set up your initial call with Charlie.  (NOTE: there is 1 opening available)

Step 2: Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours.

Step 3: Once your application is approved, we will send you a private link to pay the $1,000 introductory call fee.  This will reserve your spot and is 100% guaranteed to generate you a million dollar idea.  Once paid, Charlie’s assistant will be in touch with you to schedule your first coaching call at a mutually agreeable time.



1. If I am approved for the introductory call, what happens next?

You will be in contact from someone from our team who will schedule a mutually agreeable time and review the details of your introductory call.

During your call with Charlie, get out your pen and paper and soak in as much information as you can.

At the end of the call, you and Charlie will make one of three decisions. Either you: a) got a $1,000,000 idea and are happy with the call b) you and Charlie decide you want to move forward with the Platinum coaching program or c) it’s not going to work out so you part as friends.

With Charlie’s guarantee, you can’t lose.

2. If, after the first call, I get accepted into and decide to join the Platinum Coaching Program, what happens next?

You will be asked to complete The Profit Profile®, an in-depth diagnosis tool for x-ray vision into the hidden assets and opportunities existing inside of your company. From there, Charlie creates your coaching curriculum to deliver the return on investment you expect to achieve.

3. How does the coaching program work?

After reviewing your Profit Profile®, Charlie immediately puts together a plan to find all the low-hanging fruit for the fastest influx of profits – and shows you how to systematize the process for maximum leverage.

Each month, you have two information packed 1-hour, one-on-one coaching calls with Charlie and access to Charlie via email. If it’s an easy question, he’ll answer it by email – if it’s more complex, he’ll discuss it on your next 1-hour coaching call.

You will also frequently receive support material, memos, checklists and examples to help you implement the strategies discussed.

Additionally, Charlie gives you four “911” calls per year to call Charlie anytime you need an immediate answer on a pressing question.

4. How many people does Charlie accept into this program?

Currently, Charlie only accepts 7-10 people per month depending on his schedule. Waiting lists have exceeded 6-9 months. If there is a waiting list, you will be notified of an opening on a first come, first serve basis.

5. Who and what type of companies does Charlie work with?

First, you must be the CEO or President with at least $500,000 in revenue a year (preferably over $1,000,000).

Charlie’s worked with dozens of different industries from B2B to B2C; however, this coaching program is not available to franchises, heavily regulated industries (such as financial services), adult entertainment or businesses with an average profit margin below 15%.

This is ideal for businesses that are:

  • Not growing as fast as you’d like;
  • Are believed to have a lot more profit potential;
  • Wanting different results;
  • Preparing for an exit strategy and are looking to maximize the value of the business;
  • Looking for more leads, clients & customers;
  • Recently acquired and looking for more opportunities for growth;
  • Wanting to dominate the marketplace and become a trusted leader.