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[headline type=”h4″ style=”headline-special”]PREDICTABLE PROFITS INSIDER’S CLUB[/headline]

Predictable Profits Insiders ClubThe business building service that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners capture more market share, get premium pricing for their products/services, increase sales, benefit from more referrals, boost traffic and a lot more.

Inside, Predictable Profits founder Charles Gaudet hands you advanced marketing information, tips and strategies for attaining a marketing advantage that few companies not in the “know” will ever achieve.

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[headline type=”h4″ style=”headline-special”]THE CUSTOMER RE-ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY[/headline]

Customer Re-Engagement Strategy

Most businesses spend so much time looking for new customers that they’re not seeing their existing customers slipping out the back door.

Uncover’s the fastest and easiest way to reduce customer, client and patient attrition before your competition has the chance to scoop them up.

Everything you need to re-engage your inactive clients and boost your bottom-line profits.

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[headline type=”h4″ style=”headline-special”]THE COMMANDER’S INTENT[/headline]

The Commander's Intent

The Commander’s Intent is arguably the most important step for growing your business, and is absolutely essential for dominating your market.

Over 96% of your competition does not have any version of a Commander’s Intent – and therefore, it’s not surprising that 96% of businesses fail in 10 years.  The Commander’s Intent will help make sure you’re not only part of “The 4% Club”  – but that you’re in the top 4% of the 4%!

By the end of this presentation, you’re going to know how to create your Commander’s Intent and recognize its power to help you accomplish your goal – faster and better than before.

This is a digital product including one video and presentation transcript. Buy now for instant access!

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[headline type=”h4″ style=”headline-special”]PLATINUM BUSINESS COACHING[/headline]

Charles GaudetThe Predictable Profits Platinum Coaching Program takes your business to the next level. Period.Entrepreneurs accepted into the program will have an individualized and custom session dedicated towards understanding and creating actionable strategies to grow your business and dominate your marketplace.This is ideal for businesses that are:

  • Not growing as fast as you’d like;
  • Are believed to have a lot more profit potential;
  • Wanting different results;
  • Preparing for an exit strategy and are looking to maximize the value of the business;
  • Looking for more leads, clients & customers;
  • Recently acquired and looking for more opportunities for growth;
  • Wanting to dominate the marketplace and become a trusted leader.

Each session lasts approximately 1 Hour and costs $1,000/hour which includes a number of benefits and follow-up activity beyond the time of your call.

Due to the high demand, availability is limited.

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[headline type=”h4″ style=”headline-special”]PAY-FOR-PERFORMANCE CONSULTING[/headline] Our unique pay for performance consulting model is designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses that have an annual revenue in excess of $1,000,000 (however, exceptions will be made for smaller enterprises that are poised for fast growth).

At this level, we will actively interview candidates to explore any untapped, undervalued or under utilized opportunities and work directly with the entrepreneur to design and deploy a strategy for rapid profit growth.

Once a client is accepted, the client submits a modest retainer (to be determined based on client needs) and we earn a percentage of the upside profits that we are able to generate for you.

In other words, if we make money for you – we both win.  And, in the unlikely event that no money is generated from our campaign – then you receive the benefit of our labor and research at no cost to you (and you still win).

In our humble opinion, that’s why our pay for performance consulting should be the only consulting you’d ever consider.  Where else can you go where your success means so much?

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(Please note, we only take a few new clients a year so availability is very limited).