Are You Working Too Hard? | Marketing Automation

Thought you might enjoy this tip.

The one thing that you — and all top performers have in common — is that we all have only 24 hours in the day.


So when it comes to ‘output’, the differences boil down to what you DO with those hours.

After traveling the world studying billionaire and centi-millionaire entrepreneurs — one of the (many) things I discovered was that the average business owner works 1 hour and gets 1 hour of productivity.

On the other hand, the highest performers work 1 hour and get 10, 20 even 50 hours of productivity!

Same amount of time. Different output.

How’d they do it?

For starters, they automate any ‘repeat’ tasks they can… this activity can save you (and your team) time…

…and give you the opportunity to spend more of your valuable time on profit producing activities.

For example, in the last couple hours, I created an automated sales process using a tool called Zapier ( It’s a simple way for a non-techie like me to get more done without needing hiring a coder.

And I created an automation process so that when our lead researcher adds cold leads into a Google Spreadsheet… Zapier automatically grabs the leads and sends them to our CRM to see if they were previously entered in our system… the CRM checks for dupes, tags the leads and sent back to Zapier where it adds the “scrubbed leads” for the lead researcher to continue working… once she’s done and added any personalization elements required, she puts a “Y” in the “completed” column and it’s automatically pushed into PersistIQ where our sales team can work the lead (which is also automated).

^ If you think that sounds complicated. Try doing all of that manually!

It took 3 hours to program the entire automation process and will now SAVE my team 15 hours a week… that’s 60 hours a month… or 720 hours a year!

Just imagine how much more you could you grow your company if you had an extra 720 hours a year to work on your business?


Rant over. Just feel pretty damn excited and wanted to share.