Marketing Podcast | Interview with Entrepreneur & Reality TV Celebrity, Anthony Carrino

Today, we’ve got a very special presentation for you … it’s my dear friend, strategic entrepreneur, expert contractor and reality TV celebrity, Anthony Carrino.

Anthony’s the co-start of the popular HGTV series, Kitchen Cousins, and a co-founder of Brunelleschi Construction.

The fascinating part of his story (and why I wanted to bring this to you) is how Anthony was able to position his company as a leading contractor in the midst of a ‘housing crisis.’  He’s one of the few construction companies that are thriving while much of his competition is either going out of business or struggling to survive.

… and, it didn’t happen by accident.

Anthony (along with his father and cousin) made some very smart strategic decisions that, when applied correctly, could allow anybody (regardless of the industry) to thrive in any economy.

In this brief interview, we cover such topics as:

  • How to get people talking about you and your company (and why it’s critical to your success)…
  • Why firing some of your worst clients can actually make you more money…
  • How to position yourself as a celebrity in your niche…
  • Why trying to please everyone could be the death sentence to your success…
  • Why slashing your price is NOT the way to grow your business (and how it could hurt you!)…

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